Thursday, July 25

Turkish State Hackers Behind Cyber Attacks on Other Countries

Hackers for the Turkish government have attacked dozens of organisations in other countries. They probably wanted to spy on the goals. Reuters news agency reports this based on British and American officials.


The hackers attacked the mail services of the governments of Greece and Cyprus. The Iraqi National Security Adviser was also a target, as was Albania’s intelligence services.

The hackers also reportedly targeted Turkish organisations such as the National Freemasons Department. The attacks are said to have happened in 2018 and 2019.

The conclusion that Turkey should be behind the attacks is based, among other things, on Reuters sources on the victims. These are countries and organisations where Turkey has significant interests.

The way hackers work is similar to previous attacks attributed to Turkey. They managed to lead unsuspecting officials to counterfeit sites. For example, they could get hold of passwords.

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