Sunday, May 26

Employees Rivian: Car Company Ignores Safety Rules

Dozens of employees of the American electric car maker Rivian accuse the company of ignoring safety rules.

According to the complaints filed with local regulators, Rivian ignores known hazards at its Illinois plant. As a result, several people suffered injuries such as bone fractures and a torn ear.

According to the employees, the cars’ safety is also at stake. As a result, higher production would be a higher priority. One employee said a manager fished out damaged electrical cables from the trash and instructed employees to use them.

According to the complaint filed, safety protocols at the company are fading as pressure on production mounts.

“Production involves a certain amount of risk. But I would have expected safety to be given a little more priority,” said Don Jackson, one of the employees who filed the complaint. Rivian denies the allegations and refuses to comment on specific complaints.

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