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One Dead After Panic Breaks Out During a Performance by Rappers in the United States

At a performance in Rochester, New York, several people were injured, presumably after panic broke out. A 33-year-old woman has died of her injuries, local media report.

News channel ABC reports one dead and eight injured. Two of the injured are still in life-threatening condition.

The incident occurred at a performance by rap star GloRilla and rapper Finesse2tymes. The police had to arrive on Sunday evening after reports of gunshots that would have echoed in the concert hall. Several were found injured, but none had sustained gunshot wounds.

There is no evidence that shots were actually fired. However, presumably panic has broken out, the police reported, among other things, to the CBS channel. Therefore, a large group of people tried to reach the exit as quickly as possible, resulting in several injuries.

In the end, nine people were taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, a 33-year-old woman died of her injuries.

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