Thursday, July 25

King Charles III Doesn’t Want Prince Harry and Prince Andrew to Stand in for Him

Britain’s King Charles III is preparing to amend British law to prevent Prince Harry and Prince Andrew, on the sidelines of the royal family, from standing in for him when he is ill or staying abroad.

Local media reported this on Thursday. The Telegraph expects the change “in the coming weeks.” Buckingham Palace has not yet responded.

Under a 1937 law, for specific duties, such as signing official documents, the monarch can be replaced in his absence by his wife and by the first four adults in the order of succession to the throne. In the case of King Charles III, therefore, it concerns Queen Consort Camilla, followed by his sons William and Harry, his brother Andrew and his niece Beatrice.

But Prince Harry has renounced his royal duties and moved to the United States with his family. Prince Andrew was then released from his role after allegations of sexual assault. Beatrice, Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter, is not an active member of the royal family.

To avoid Prince Harry or Prince Andrew having to act as interim king, especially when Charles is travelling with Camilla and Prince William is also abroad, the list should be expanded according to King Charles III, according to various media. He would also like to include his sister and brother, Princess Anne and Prince Edward. That solution allows skipping Prince Harry and Prince Andrew without formally removing them from the list.

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