Sunday, May 26

UNICEF: Many Billions Needed for Emergency Aid for Children in 2022

Global emergency aid to children will require at least $9.4 billion next year, UNICEF says. The UN agency estimates that more than 177 million children in 145 countries and regions will need help.


These are children affected by humanitarian crises and the Covid pandemic and in dire need. The estimated amount is the largest ever and almost a quarter higher than in 2021.

“Millions of children worldwide are suffering the effects of conflict, extreme weather events and the climate crisis. As the Covid pandemic enters its third year, the plight of these children is exacerbated by faltering economies, growing poverty and rising inequality. “As always, it is the children who are already going through a crisis that is being hit hardest. They urgently need help,” said UNICEF Director Henrietta Fore.

For Afghanistan alone, where 13 million children live in poor conditions, UNICEF expects to need 2 billion dollars. In the country, 1 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition, while the health system is on the verge of collapse. The call for emergency funding to Afghanistan is the largest ever UNICEF call for a single country.

According to UNICEF, other countries that urgently need help include Syria, Yemen, and Ethiopia. The work for fair access to Covid vaccines worldwide is also included.

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