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British Government Thinks of Blackouts in Winter Due to Gas Shortage

The British government is considering emergency scenarios in which electricity and/or gas are temporarily cut off at companies in the middle of winter, but possibly also at households.

The Bloomberg news agency reports from relevant sources that the “reasonably plausible worst-case scenario” plan foresees severe shortages for at least four days in January. That would necessitate blackouts on those days.

The scenario assumes a colder winter than the country is used to and a reduced import of gas due to a policy of exporters, such as Norway, to first replenish their own stocks before selling gas abroad. The UK Department for Trade, Energy, and Industrial Strategy has not yet commented on the story.

The authorities are grappling with the pressing question of how expensive energy will become, but they are given an extra concern. Is there enough expensive gas available in winter? It will be a priority for the British Conservative government that is due to take office next month. Britain typically imports a lot of energy in the winter months.

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