Thursday, July 25

Research Shows Decline in Facebook Use Among Teenagers

American teens have turned their backs on Facebook en masse in recent years. However, about a third of teenagers still use the social medium, says researcher Pew Research Center.

Seven years ago, that was 71 percent, a similar study by Pew showed.

TikTok is the most popular social network among teenagers. About two-thirds of American teenagers use it. Google’s video service YouTube is the most popular site among American teens. A whopping 95 percent use that site.

Facebook has been trying to stay relevant for years. However, in recent years, social networks in the United States and Europe have become increasingly interesting for older users. In addition, young people are more attracted to social networks with pictures and short videos, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Facebook parent company Meta Platforms regularly copies functions of those services and introduces them on Facebook and Instagram, which also belongs to Meta. However, this sometimes leads to criticism from the users of those services who do not want it. Moreover, it apparently fails to retain younger users.

A bright spot for Meta is that Instagram is more popular among teens than Snapchat. Also, during the previous survey, teenagers are now more likely to sit on duty than they were seven years ago.

Almost all American teenagers indicate that they have a smartphone. Moreover, almost half state that they are continuously online; that was about a quarter of seven years ago.

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