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Donald Trump Bragged With Classified Information About French President Macron

What was in the box taken by the FBI from former US President Donald Trump’s residence, cryptically described on a legal document as “President of France info”? That is what people are asking these days in Paris and Washington, DC.

According to American media, the file contains information about the sex life of French President Emmanuel Macron, and Trump liked to brag about it.

According to two sources, Trump would have happily told intimates for years how he had juicy details about Macron’s sex life, compiled based on information gathered by US intelligence.

It is not clear what information is involved or whether it is information that is considered a state secret. Yet these days, there are reportedly feverish questions in both Paris and Washington D.C. about what information is involved and whether there could be any security implications from leaking the information.

Trump is known for boasting that he has incriminating information about friends and foes, even when he really isn’t.

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