Sunday, May 26

EU Thinks About Large-Scale Training of Ukrainian Soldiers

The European Union is considering large-scale training of Ukrainian military personnel in neighboring EU countries. The member states’ defense ministers will discuss the plans next Monday, says foreign chief Josep Borrell.

“Of course, that would be a big mission,” Borrell said Monday. He points out that the war in Ukraine appears to be continuing for the time being and that more is needed than the weapons and military intelligence that Western allies of Ukraine have so far supplied. According to him, such a large-scale battle with so many soldiers also requires a large training mission.

Ukrainian soldiers are already being trained in the United Kingdom. Dutch trainers will also assist there. However, many Ukrainians mobilized to repel the Russian invasion lacked military training.

Western allies have been helping Ukrainians deal with their Western weapons for some time. For example, Germany and the Netherlands made Ukrainian soldiers familiar with the armored howitzers they sent.

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