Sunday, May 26

Boy (10) Escapes Kidnapping by Asking Cashier to Play His Mom

10-year-old Sammy Green from Pottstown, USA, was on his way home when a woman suddenly started following him.

The unknown woman tries to lure Sammy along: she promises to buy him food and says she knows his family. Sammy doesn’t trust the business and flees into a store. There he confides in Hannah, a 17-year-old student worker. He asks her to pretend to be his mother.

Thanks to Hannah’s heroic performance and his quick thinking, Sammy was saved from the woman. The two teens are now being applauded for their actions on the internet and beyond.

“I was terrified,” it sounds in an interview with the American news channel ABC “But my father taught me what to do if a stranger ever approached me.”

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