Thursday, July 25

The Famous Australian DJ YAZ – 2020 TAKEOVER

How many of you love the Australian DJ YAZ?
He is one of the famous Australian DJ who is making a distinct identity among the audience through his charm and comedy based hip-hop music. Unlike other Australian rappers like Lil Dicky, YAZ has learned most of the skills attending live DJ concerts in various Australian events.

Since starting, he has been earning fame and hence collected a healthy sum of the audience on social media. On Facebook, he has more than 90 thousand followers, whereas, on YouTube, he has more than 10 thousand videos uploaded.

His unique style bringing comedy into the music engages the audience and gives them a reason to laugh and dance all together. His keen determination and hard work have made him capable of working with numerous renowned music artists include Snoop Dog, Omarion, Cody Wise, Lloyd, T-Pain, and Bow Wow. In this collaboration, he has not only shared the stage together but also written many sessions.

Apart from his music career, he has also got the opportunity to broadcast on Virgin Radio. Ian Grace, famous in Australia as ‘YODA’, noticed the talent of YAZ and showed interest in meeting him. This lead to hosting multiple shows across the country.

YAZ has recently signed a deal with CATCH MGMT in Australia. With this, YAZ has got a busy time ahead with performance booking across the country.

If you want to get more updates about YAZ, follow him on Facebook ( and other social platforms.

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