Thursday, July 25

Sweating at the Front: Estonian Company Supplies Sauna to Ukrainian Army

Ukraine receives all kinds of weaponry from its allies. But soldiers also have other needs besides artillery, drones and rocket launchers, people in Estonia must have thought.

In cooperation with a local NGO, a sauna manufacturer from the Baltic country has supplied a mobile sauna to the Ukrainian army.

Or rather: a mobile wellness complex. Because it concerns three trucks that, in addition to the sauna and the necessary generators, also contain showers, a relaxation room and washing machines, entrepreneur Siim Nellis, whose company Estonian Saunas made the mobile sauna, said it was “essential for the morale and health” of the troops, he told Estonian public broadcaster ERR.

About 400 soldiers can use the sauna for a week. These will be the volunteers of the Carpathian Sich Battalion, a unit that has been active in Ukraine since 2014. They don’t have to worry too much about an attack on the mobile wellness complex because it will be well camouflaged.

The Ukrainian armed forces are very happy with the sauna, and they say in response to ERR: “It is currently cold and dirty at the front, so this is a great Christmas present.”

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