Thursday, July 25

Russia Urges Former Soviet Republics to Strike

After three days of fighting on their controversial borders, the Kremlin has called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to stop fighting. The two countries left the Soviet Union fighting in 1991.


They were already discussing the border course at that time. In fact, since 1994, there has been only a fragile truce between the two.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said the two sides should hold back. Since Sunday, shots have been reshot along the border, and several people have died. Russia thinks the flaring up of the struggle is a threat to the whole Caucasus.

The two countries accuse each other of having started the latest hostilities. Russia is an ally of Armenia while Azerbaijan receives support from Turkey.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu threatened the neighbouring country of Armenia that “Azerbaijan is not alone and that the Armenian attitude is unacceptable”.

Mountainous Armenia is smaller than the Netherlands and has about three million inhabitants. Azerbaijan is almost three times larger than Armenia and has ten million inhabitants.

The major stumbling block in the conflict is an enclave in Armenia that was part of the Soviet republic of Azerbaijan in the Soviet Union.

The region is called Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia has long owned the region, and the population is predominantly Armenian, but Azerbaijan has wanted the region back for decades.

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