Thursday, July 25

President Donald Trump: Congress can’t Drop Me Off

President Donald Trump has told his opponents in Congress that there is no point in starting a settlement procedure against him. Some Democrats think aloud about this, following the report by special investigator Robert Mueller.


But that is not at all possible according to Trump, because the law requires that such a procedure must involve crimes or serious violations committed by the head of state.

The report clearly shows, according to Trump, that he was not guilty of it. He repeated: “No conspiracy, no obstruction (of the judicial process).”

Mueller’s research focused on whether Trump or his Republican staff had conspired with Russians in the 2016 election campaign.

It mainly concerned emails that had surfaced via WikiLeaks that showed that the top of the Democratic Party opposed Bernie Sanders’ candidacy and helped candidate Hillary Clinton.

At the time, Trump’s opponents suggested that his campaign team receive the emails from Russians. But, according to Mueller’s report, that has not been demonstrated. The report does state that Trump may have wanted to oppose the investigation.

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