Thursday, July 25

NATO Posts Battle Groups in Four More Eastern Member States

NATO is stationing another four so-called battlegroups in member states that see Russia advancing towards their borders as a result of the war in Ukraine.


The battalions, made up of soldiers from various NATO countries, will be located in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said.

Poland and the three Baltic countries bordering Russia already had such a battle group of about a thousand men so far. These are doubled in size.

Stoltenberg is counting on the leaders of the thirty NATO member states to give their blessing to the new units at their summit in Brussels tomorrow. “That means we have eight battlegroups along the entire eastern flank from the Baltic to the Black Sea,” said the Norwegian secretary-general.

NATO also wants to help Ukraine defend itself against attacks with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, Stoltenberg says. He expects agreement on the supply of equipment to protect against such weapons. ONCE AGAIN, the NATO chief warned Russia of “far-reaching consequences” if it seizes on this weapon.

Ukraine can also count on extra help against cyberattacks, Stoltenberg thinks.

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