Thursday, July 25

More Countries Take Measures Around Embassy in Kabul

More countries have decided to take measures for their embassies in the Afghan capital, Kabul, as the radical Islamist Taliban movement advances rapidly.


Denmark is closing its embassy due to the deteriorating security situation and is evacuating its staff, Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said. According to Minister Heiko Maas, Germany has decided to limit the number of staff at the embassy to the “absolute minimum”. Security is tightened.

The United States has already announced that it will evacuate a significant number of its embassy employees in Kabul. The British have announced similar measures. The London government will hold emergency talks on Friday. NATO ambassadors also hold consultations.

With the withdrawal of international troops, the Taliban can retake the country. Of the 34 provincial capitals, 18 are now under fundamentalist control.

The US diplomatic presence in Kabul is reduced to a “barefoot occupation”. The Americans are sending 3000 extra soldiers to manage the departure of the embassy employees. There are currently 650 American soldiers in Afghanistan to protect the embassy, among other things.

The British also temporarily send military reinforcements. These countries are also taking measures to get Afghan interpreters and other (former) employees out of the country.

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