Thursday, July 25

Microsoft Withdraws Further from Russia Due to War

The American software and technology group Microsoft is further withdrawing from Russia because of the war in Ukraine. In March, the company already stopped selling new products and services in the country, but continued to support existing customers and maintain offices.

“As a result of the changes in the economic outlook and the impact on our business in Russia, we have decided to significantly scale down our business in Russia,” the company said. Microsoft also states that it will continue to fulfil its existing contractual obligations with Russian customers and that the suspension of new sales will remain in effect.

More than 400 employees will be affected by the decision, a Microsoft spokesperson said. “We are working closely with affected employees to ensure they are treated with respect and receive our full support during this difficult time.”

Many major Western companies have ceased operations in Russia after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tech group IBM has suspended operations in the country and Apple and Nike have ceased sales. German business software maker SAP also said in April that it was taking steps towards an “orderly exit” from its operations in Russia.

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