Thursday, July 25

It’s Party Time at Ibiza Holiday

Well, well, well! It’s party time at Ibiza Holiday so get ready for the lights to be turned off and the dancing to begin! What? Are you not attending?

Ah, are you crazy?

Wait, wait, I guess you don’t know what it is all about. Give me a minute; I’ll give you a brief overview!

The Clubs
Ibiza is popular for its partying life only because there are such glamorous clubs that help keep the party scene fully on. From small to major names, clubs in Ibiza are abundant and one of the most favourite spots for youngsters. These clubs come to life at night and continue to keep the audiences enthralled till the wee-hours of the day.

Music and dance run right through the night till the morning while drinks and snacks continue to boost the energies of these young music buffs.

The DJs
The nightlife at Ibiza is particularly popular because of the presence of world’s most renowned DJs. These famous music icons perform at various clubs of the island and keep the audiences glued to dancing for hours. Many of these DJs travel especially to Ibiza from various parts of the world, while others belong to Ibiza itself.

A yearly DJ competition even allows young men and women to prove their talent before a jury and find a chance to perform at the Ibiza’s top clubs!

The Tickets
Tickets to all the Ibiza’s clubs are charged, of course, and can be purchased any time before a party begins. Many tickets go on sale months before the scheduled date of a party and are even available for sale on the internet.

Prices for these tickets vary from club to club, and in case you want to cancel yours, a full refund is possible 24 hours before the party begins.


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