Thursday, July 25

Google Also Sued by US States Over Play Store

Prosecutors from several US states may file lawsuits against Google as early as next week. That report Reuters news agency based on insiders.


The accusers accuse the tech company of distorting competition by managing its Play Store for Android apps. The prosecutors want to join lawsuits from game company Epic Games and from two groups of developers of apps with the case.

The case follows complaints from developers. They think it is unfair that Google, just like Apple on iOS, wants a commission if Android users buy an app or subscribe to an app. Originally, Google’s operating system was more open than Apple’s, but the company behind Android has recently tightened its rules and checks more closely for compliance.

Google defends itself by stating that Android is “the only major operating system” that allows alternative app stores. Most Android devices have multiple app stores installed by default. In addition, users can install new app stores themselves or install apps outside of a store.’

Epic Games sued Apple for the same reason. The lawsuit has already been filed, but the decision is still pending. There is also increasing enthusiasm in American politics to limit the market power of large tech companies.

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