Thursday, July 25

EU: UK Privacy Protection Good Enough for Data Exchange

The European Union can continue to exchange data with the United Kingdom for the time being, even now that it is no longer part of the union. The British authorities protect privacy sufficiently, according to the European Commission.


The EU has strict rules for the protection of personal data. These no longer apply in the UK since Brexit took effect on January 1. As a result, British companies threatened to lose access to data from customers in the EU.

It would also be less accessible for investigative services from the EU and the UK to work together unless London and Brussels agree on their mutual data protection before July 1.

The favourable opinion of the European Commission on the British privacy rules is in principle valid for four years and can be extended. However, if the British change the rules in the meantime in a way that the committee does not like, then it can change its mind.

The agreements do not apply to the transfer of data for British asylum policy. London and Brussels are not yet out of that.

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