Thursday, July 25

Dozens of Countries Join Forces for More Open Internet

The United States, together with 60 other countries, have called for better international agreements about the internet.


With the cooperation, the internet should remain open and better protected against the policies of countries such as China and Russia.

The 61 democratic countries presented the Declaration for the Future of the Internet on Thursday. They are committed to protecting human rights, the free provision of information and privacy. The internet should also be affordable and accessible for everyone to benefit from the digital economy.

They warn of the digital “authoritarianism” of some states, which suppress free speech online. The statement said that the internet could be misused to promote disinformation, censor independent news sites, or meddle in elections. The administration of US President Joe Biden calls the internet policies of China and Russia “a dangerous new model”.

By signing the Declaration, the countries commit themselves to its goals and values without being affected by their own autonomy and legislation.

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