Thursday, July 25

Coronavirus Records in Many European Countries

Numerous European countries reported record numbers of corona infections on Wednesday.


In Italy, 7,332 new cases were reported, a record and more than 1,400 more than the day before. Russia set a new record with 14,231 infections in the past 24 hours.

Switzerland and Austria also reported daily records with 2823 and 1346 infections respectively. The Swiss government has scheduled talks with the cantons for Thursday to discuss accelerating the epidemic.

New restrictions were already announced in the cantons of Zurich and Geneva on Wednesday.

In the Balkans, the virus is spreading in countries such as Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia. With 542, 707 and 482 infections respectively, there was also a record in these three countries.

The increases are significant in almost all European countries. For example, France reported a record number of new infections on Saturday. In one day, nearly 27,000 people were diagnosed with the virus.

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