Thursday, July 25

Automaker Ford Also Embraces Working From Home After The Crisis

Automaker Ford office workers may continue to work from home even after the corona pandemic. The American company has indicated that 30,000 employees concerned will not be required to come to the office.


The hybrid model that Ford envisages gives employees a choice to stay at home for the usual tasks. They do come to the office on meeting days or during team building activities. The new working method will start next summer.

According to Ford, the work from home arrangement only applies to permanent employees in the office and not factory workers. Ford’s Human Resources Officer announced the move at a meeting with employees worldwide. The scheme is the first to be implemented in North America.

Like many employers, Ford is grappling with the new reality, with employees saying they appreciate not having to travel every day and work from home.

According to a global survey of employers by Willis Towers Watson, half of the administrative workers currently work from home, up from about 11 percent before the crisis, a risk management and human resources company. When the crisis is over, companies expect that a third of employees will continue to work remotely.

In a survey of Ford employees last summer, 95 percent of the global non-manufacturing workforce said they wanted to keep a combination of home and office work after the crisis. The company had approximately 186,000 employees at the end of 2020.

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