Thursday, May 23

‘Facebook Wants To Use Its Crypto Mount’

‘Facebook Wants to use its Crypto mount for Advertisements’. Facebook is said to be developing its crypto coin for Facebook, according to the reports.


Earlier there were rumours that the company is working on a crypto coin for WhatsApp.

According to rumours, Facebook intends to reward users of the platform with cryptocurrency for viewing advertisements.

Purchases can then be made via Facebook with this money.

Facebook is said to be in conversation with Mastercard and Visa for the project,

 and the social medium is looking for 1 billion dollars in investments, according to the sources.

Earlier there were speculations that Facebook is working on a crypto coin,

 specially developed for WhatsApp, with which users can pay each other.

This payment method should still be available this year.

Facebook would like to link the currency to the price of the dollar to prevent speculation.

Other crypto coins, such as the bitcoin, are notorious for a stable exchange rate.

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