Sunday, May 26

Apple Pays 4.5 Dollar Billion In A Settlement

Apple pays Dollar 4.5 billion in a Settlement with Qualcomm. Chip manufacturer Qualcomm receives at least 4.5 billion dollars from Apple after a settlement in various lawsuits between the two companies.


Qualcomm writes that in its quarterly figures.

Apple and Qualcomm settled in April, but it did not reveal what Apple would pay.

The quarterly figures state that the settlement amounts to between 4.5 billion and 4.7 billion dollars.

Analysts earlier predicted that it would amount to between 5 billion and 6 billion dollars.

The two companies were involved in various lawsuits for years.

The main issue revolved around the price of licenses for the use of Qualcomm technology.

Apple declared that Qualcomm abused its dominant status by demanding excessive royalties.

Qualcomm subsequently accused Apple of forcing the component manufacturers of its devices to stop paying royalties.

The chip maker sued four of those manufacturers.

Qualcomm is developing the 5G modems for future iPhones.

The lawsuits between Qualcomm and Apple held in the way of these plans for a long time.

Intel would, therefore, make the modems, but ran into problems during development.

Intel has since stopped making 5G modems.

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