Thursday, May 23

Facebook Comes With Windows And Mac Version

Facebook Comes with Windows and Mac version of Chat service Messenger. Facebook comes with a desktop version of its Messenger, so the chat service can also be used on Windows and macOS computers.


CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this on Tuesday at Facebook’s developer conference F8.

Facebooks other chat service WhatsApp is already available on desktops.

Users can link their iOS or Android app to use the app with a regular screen and keyboard.

Facebook is also working on a ‘lighter’ version of Messenger.

This app should be started within two seconds and take up 30 MB of storage space on a smartphone.

Facebook also intends to update the friend overview in Messenger.

Videos of friends can be seen on a particular tab.

Finally, Facebook intends to make the secure end-to-end encryption in Messenger standard.

With this form of encryption, only the sender and the recipient can read the content of messages.

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