Saturday, June 15

Facebook Knew Accounts And Pages Ahead Of US Elections

Facebook knew Accounts and Pages ahead of US Elections. Facebook has removed more than eight hundred profiles and pages that regularly violated the rules on spam and the spreading of fake news from the network.


It covers 559 pages and 251 accounts from the United States. Facebook publishes Thursday in a blog post.

According to the company, the accounts placed “sensational political content”, but that was not the reason for the removal.

Facebook states that the accounts “constantly” infringed the rules of the platform.

To gain a reputation, for example, fake accounts were used to generate more traffic.

The company views at account behaviour more often instead of posted messages, to differentiate between real and fake profiles.

Facebook cites the upcoming US Congress elections as a reason to publish details about the accounts and pages.

For example, according to the company, more and more political content is being placed,

 not distinguished from “the legitimate political debate”.

Message about Sinterklaas migration removed
This week, an incorrect message also removed on Facebook.

It was reported that a decision was made in the case for the blockade of the A7 motorway during the Sinterklaas race last year.

The message was shared 25,000 times and received thousands of likes in 23 hours.

Then the news was taken offline. It is unknown whether the owner of the message is behind it or that Facebook has intervened.

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