Wednesday, May 29

Merkel Insists On The Importance Of Own Battery Production

Merkel Insists on the Importance of own Battery production for Electric Cars. Angela Merkel wants Europe to make an effort to produce batteries for electric cars.


According to the German Chancellor, that is “of ultimate importance” in the switch to e-mobility.

China is still the dominant producer of car batteries.

Merkel considers that the EU should not wait until the Chinese set up battery factories on European territory.

At a conference in Berlin, she stated Tuesday that Europe must improve the technological skills to produce battery cells itself.

“Which is essential in the coming decades,” she told her audience.

During the Day of German Industry, the Chancellor also dealt with the trade conflict between the United States and China.

That has taken “unimaginable dimensions”, she said.

According to Merkel, Germany is trying to build a structural dialogue with the American government on free world trade.

She sees the “very satisfying” tendency in China that the country wants to open up its markets more.

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