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Twitter Account Of Elon Musk Temporarily Blocked

Twitter account of Elon Musk temporarily Blocked. Twitter temporarily blocked the account of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, because the social media company thought the well-known American entrepreneur was hacked.


That is what Musk has known via Twitter, with the addition “haha”.

The boss of the maker of electric cars is known as an eager Twitter user who regularly creates a stir with his tweets.

But this time Twitter discovered that he had posted extraordinary things. That’s why his account was blocked for a while.

Musk had thrown various manga images into the world a few hours earlier,

 and his Twitter followers asked if they wanted to buy bitcoins.

Earlier this year, Musk made a duet for a paedophile in a tweet.

He also declared on Twitter to consider Tesla from the fair. That last issue was costly to him.

Recently he arranged with stock market watchdog SEC because the regulator found that Musk had misled investors with his tweets.

Now someone else has to be elected as chairman at Tesla. Both Tesla and Musk must also pay a fine of 15 million pounds.

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