Sunday, May 26

“Rapper Post Malone Is Going To Sell Weed”

“Rapper Post Malone is going to sell Weed with its own Company.” Post Malone is said to be setting up a company that sells marijuana and all kinds of accessories.


The sales goods include pre-rotated joints and electric evaporators.

According to reports, the rapper has named the company Shaboink and will be officially launched on July 4,

 the birthday of the now 23-year-old artist.

Post Malone, recognised for the hit Congratulations,

 will grow cannabis in California, where his company will also settle.

The rapper, born as Austin Richard Post, already broke several records with his music.

He was with nine songs in the top 20 of the American hit list Hot 100,

 and with Stoney occupied a place in the list with the best-selling R&B,

 and hip hop albums from Billboard for more than 76 weeks.

He broke the record that was first in the name of Michael Jackson,

 who was in this list with Thriller for 76 weeks.

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