Sunday, May 26

Dating App Tinder Comes With Warnings for Scammers

Dating app Tinder will warn users about scammers operating on the platform. Messages also appear in other dating apps from parent company Match Group that alert users to the types of scams that often occur.

Apps like Tinder, which allows you to select a possible date while swiping, have overgrown. This makes the apps a popular area for criminals who try to steal their ‘match’ money. In the United States alone, the damage from this type of fraud amounts to an average of $ 300 million per year, the Federal Trade Commission calculated based on data from 2020.

Match Group advises people looking for dates on Tinder or other apps never to send money to people they’ve never met. You should also be extra suspicious if someone who presents himself as a wealthy or successful person comes up with investment tips. “If a potential new love immediately gives you crypto or investment advice, there’s a good chance it’s a scam. So always report these things immediately to the platform where you met.”

Fraud and scams via dating apps received much attention last year through the Netflix documentary The Tinder Swindler. He told the story of women defrauded by a man posing as a wealthy diamond trader and persuaded them to borrow tens of thousands of euros and transfer them to him.

Like the fraudster in that series, scammers operating on dating apps are more likely to present themselves as desperate. Scammers claim, for example, that they need money for a visa or a critical operation. Therefore, match Group recommends features designed to combat dating app fraud, such as a selfie or video chat verification.

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