Wednesday, May 29

Porsche Sold More Luxury Cars in Inflation Year 2022

High inflation had little influence on the popularity of expensive cars last year. Sports car manufacturer Porsche sold more cars in 2022 than a year earlier.

The brand grew, including in Europe, where energy prices rose sharply due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, it was previously announced that another luxury brand from the Volkswagen group, Bentley, managed to sell more cars than a year earlier.

Porsche delivered 309,884 cars last year, an increase of 3 percent compared to 2021. The company sold 7 percent more cars in European countries except for Germany. In North America, there was no increase or decrease, while in China, Porsche’s largest sales market, sales fell by 2 percent due to corona problems.

SUVs were most popular at Porsche, such as the Porsche Cayenne. However, marketing director Detlev von Platen emphasized in a statement that the car manufacturer was struggling with supply problems and a shortage of parts. This mainly affected the sale of electric models.

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