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“Chipmakers Intel And Qualcomm Stop Deliveries To Huawei”

“Chipmakers Intel and Qualcomm stop Deliveries to Huawei.” Major chip manufacturers Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom no longer do business with Huawei, according to reports on Monday based on insiders.


According to sources, employees of American chip makers were informed that the companies are stopping their deliveries to Huawei until further notice.

It would be hardware and software.

Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom are not the only companies that force restrictions on Huawei.

Google restricted Huawei’s access to the Android mobile operating system on Sunday night.

Google follows the new, stricter rules of the US Department of Economic Affairs for the Chinese telephone company.

Due to the standards, Huawei can no longer use Google apps and updates.

Google states that nothing changes for phones that are already in use.

Huawei uses Intel chips for modems in its laptops, for example.

The company would have less to do with Qualcomm because Huawei is developing its mobile modems and other processors.

Stock for three months
Also, reported that Huawei might have accumulated a stock of chips and other essential components,

 with which the company can move forward for another three months.

In this way, the Chinese company would have given itself extra time to find solutions to imposed restrictions in the US.

The United States says that China can use Huawei’s equipment and networks for espionage.

Huawei has always denied the allegations and reports that all material is safe to use.

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