Sunday, May 26

Trump Wins Alaska, But That Doesn’t Change the Election Results

US and international media proclaim Donald Trump as the winner of the presidential election in the northern state of Alaska.


That victory gives President Trump three extra electors, bringing him to a total of 217 electors. Joe Biden currently has 279 electoral votes and remains the winner of the US presidential election.

US President Donald Trump has been named the winner of the Alaska presidential election by various US and international media outlets.

That brings Trump to a total of 217 electoral votes across the country. Joe Biden currently has 279 electoral votes to his name, nine more than the 270 needed to win the presidential election. The media proclaimed Joe Biden the winner, as is customary in the United States.

Although President Trump disputes that unofficial election result, he claims that the Democratic camp has committed fraud and that he is the real winner of the election. There are currently lawsuits in several states that will rule on those fraud claims.

See below in which states Biden and Trump have been declared winners and read more below the map.

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