Thursday, May 23

Top 5 Tastiest Food in the World

Thai curries, Indian nan, Mexican tortillas, Japanese sushi, Moroccan tajines and Italian pasta. CNN researched what is considered the best food in the world. There came the next top 5 of dishes.

Think about it. If you were only allowed to eat meatballs, cauliflower and stew in Thailand or Mexico. Would such a trip be just as unique? No! Food is the nicest necessity in the world, and one of the most delicate aspects of travelling (far). Because what is there to taste fantastic dishes on earth. CNN researched what is considered the best food in the world. There were 50 dishes, with the following top-5:

1. Massaman curry (Thailand)
The king of the curries comes from Thailand but is influenced by the cuisines of the Middle East and India. Meaning also translated ‘Muslim curry’. Often made with beef, but also with tofu or chicken. Coconut milk, roasted peanuts, potatoes, cinnamon, palm sugar and a lot of exotic herbs make for a spicy, but also sweet and creamy taste orgasm!

2. Neapolitan pizza
The only real pizza comes from Naples and does not include more than a dough base with fresh tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and basil. Together the colours of the Italian flag. Once the pizza was the food for the poor, now all the layers of the population feast around the world. And we do everything, from pineapple to shawarma (!).

3. Mexican chocolate
The Mayas already drank it, it seems. Chocolate is nowhere taken as seriously as in Mexico, where they even cook with it, resulting in the fabulous ‘Chocolate Chicken Mole’ from Oaxaca.

4. Japanese Sushi
Raw fish with rice and vinegar. It does not sound spectacular, but what comes into your mouth when you combine this with some soy sauce and a hint of wasabi and ginger, is indescribable.

5. Chinese Peking duck
That thin, crunchy skin and that juicy, light duck meat. A classic! The chronicle of the dish goes back to the Yuan dynasty. In the 15 century, it was also the favourite dish of the Ming family.

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