Wednesday, May 29

The United Kingdom Wants Hotel Quarantine for Travellers

The UK government will announce a hotel quarantine system for travellers from high-risk countries on Wednesday. British media report that.


British ministers met on Tuesday to specify the approach.

Several British ministers met on Tuesday to discuss which additional measures can be introduced for incoming travellers. The government confidences to stop the spread of the coronavirus and its variants even more.

Home Secretary Priti Patel and her health colleague, Matt Hancock, have argued for a system of hotel quarantine for travellers from all countries, according to The Guardian. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not want to hear about that.

Johnson wants a hotel quarantine to be imposed only on travellers from certain countries. That now seems to be the plan rendering to British media. Travellers from South Africa and many South American countries, including Brazil, will soon be required to be quarantined in a hotel for ten days.

They will have to pay those accommodation costs out of their pocket—the Independent estimates that this will amount to around £ 1,500, or nearly £ 1,700.

The closing of the British borders was also on the table, but would not be introduced anyway.

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