Wednesday, May 29

EU Foreign Chief to Moscow, No Sanctions for the Time Being

The foreign chief of the European Union will go to Russia in early February. Josep Borrell will sue the Moscow government to arrest opposition leader Alexei Navalny, EU sources tell AFP news agency.


The EU would like to await that visit before imposing additional punitive measures on Russia.

Some EU countries want to avoid Moscow for the time being in protest. Such voices also rose in the European Parliament. But Borrell made it clear last week that he thinks a visit to Russia is “more necessary than ever”.

The foreign ministers of the EU countries discuss additional sanctions against Russia on Monday, as some member states want.

In any case, the EU cannot suffice with sanctions, Borrell said Tuesday. Diplomatic pressure is also essential, according to him, so Brussels must continue to talk to Moscow.

Some MEPs suggested that if Borrell does go, he should at least visit Navalny in prison.

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