Wednesday, May 29

Facebook Supervisory Board Finds Removal Policy Wrong

After months of investigation, a supervisory board of the social media giant Facebook has concluded that four of the first five investigated the ‘corporate censors have incorrectly deleted messages’.


According to the council, this also concerns messages that should be removed according to those censors because they would preach hatred or contain harmful information about Covid-19.

The board acts as an independent control body and has issued an opinion for the first time. Facebook has been under fire for years, including dealing with reports from or about Republican ex-President Donald Trump. He was recently blocked.

The council has twenty members and has a budget of 130 million dollars (107 million euros). Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s company set it up to spend at least six years investigating rule-based corporate removals from the social medium.

The council now gives Facebook seven days to return the incorrectly deleted messages. These included a message about the fate of the Uyghur minority in China and a message about a possible new drug against Covid-19 criticizing the French government,

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