Thursday, May 23

Supporter Navalny Wants to Demonstrate Again in the Weekend Before His Release

Supporters of the imprisoned Russian anti-corruption fighter and politician Alexei Navalny want to demonstrate again on Saturday and Sunday before his release.


Tens of thousands took to the streets in several cities last weekend to demand his release. The police then arrested an estimated 4,000 people.

The Navalny supporters’ primary target this weekend in Moscow is the Russian Federal Security Service headquarters, the FSB. The Lubyanka building has been home to secret services since the revolution and contains a notorious prison.

The mayor of the Russian capital has just drastically relaxed the corona restrictions. But the government is fiercely opposed to protesters and those calling for it on social media. President Putin calls protests illegal and dangerous.

According to the judiciary, Navalny is in prison because he has not complied with the conditions under which he does not have to serve a 3.5-year prison sentence for fraud. That is now being revised after Navalny returned from Germany on January 17 and was immediately arrested.

Navalny was recovering in Germany from a poisonous assassination attempt in Siberia in August. He was able to leave the hospital there in September.

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