Sunday, May 26

Merkel: No Later Than After Summer A Prick for Every Adult German

After the summer at the latest, every adult German has received an offer for a corona pepper. German Chancellor Merkel is convinced of this after a corona summit in the German capital.


The deliberations had to provide clarity about the still brutal vaccination campaign in the Federal Republic.

The government, the sixteen German states, major pharmaceutical companies, and representatives of the European Union, joined the crisis meeting to develop the vaccination policy further.

After the consultation, Merkel concluded that it would be possible to arrange vaccination for the 73 million adult Germans before the end of September, as Berlin had already planned. Both government parties and the opposition had pushed for the special vaccination summit to get more clarity.

The German vaccination campaign was in danger of being delayed due to a lack of vaccines, which led to fierce criticism. But according to Merkel, it will be possible, she understood from the manufacturers, even without the authorization of new vaccines.

Merkel defended the “slower” approach in the European Union than Britain and Israel. The British allowed vaccines through an emergency procedure; the European authorities issued a provisional license. Merkel pointed out the need for the population to trust the vaccines.

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