Thursday, May 23

The Ship Ocean Viking has Rescued 81 Migrants off the Coast of Libya

The crew of the ship Ocean Viking has rescued 81 migrants off the coast of Libya on Sunday. This means that there are now 251 rescued people on board.


The predominantly Sudanese young men had left Libya on Saturday in a blue rubber boat. They cheered when they saw the ship coming from Médecins Sans Frontières and SOS Méditerranée.

The Ocean Viking patrols international waters near Libya. This North African country is known as an essential starting point for migrants who want to reach Europe.

They often try to cross the Mediterranean with boats that are not seaworthy.

The fate of rescued migrants creates tension within Europe. Countries regularly discuss who is responsible for the reception. At the moment there are also about 160 migrants on board the Open ship Arms of the Spanish Proactiva Open Arms.

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