Thursday, May 23

Group of Women Arrested in Dubai for Nude Shots from the Balcony

At least twelve women have been arrested in Dubai after posing naked on a balcony for shooting on Saturday. They have been charged with lewd behaviour, an offence for which they can face up to six months in prison.


The Ukrainian consulate in Dubai has now informed the British broadcaster BBC that eleven women have Ukrainian nationality. According to Russian media, someone with Russian nationality has also been arrested.

Russian media had previously reported that among those arrested were eight Russian women, but according to the Russian news agency Ria, the recording session’s organizer is a Russian. He can be sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

Images taken on Saturday from an opposite balcony appear to show at least thirteen undressed women.

The police in Dubai said that this ‘unacceptable behaviour’ is not in line with ‘the norms and values of society in the United Arab Emirates. According to the police, anyone who publishes pornographic material can face a prison sentence and a fine.

Police emphasize that the legislation in the Emirates applies not only to the population but also to visitors. Foreign tourists, in particular, regularly make mistakes. There is an organization, Detained in Dubai, specifically concerned with the plight of foreigners who are in trouble because of the strict Islamic law in force in the Emirates.

Swearing, cursing, or being negative about someone else is prohibited in Dubai. This is also not allowed by telephone or on social media: you can also receive a prison sentence and/or a fine for this.

At the end of last year, it was announced that the Emirates want to relax its legislation slightly. This would mainly happen to become a more attractive destination for large companies and tourists.

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