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Google Will Remove 81 YouTube-Related YouTube Channels

Google will Remove 81 YouTube-related YouTube channels from Iran and Russia. Google has removed 39 YouTube-related YouTube channels.


The company also excluded six pages from its blogger Blogger and thirteen accounts from its social media Google Plus.

The internet security company FireEye noticed some of the accounts, Google declares Thursday on its blog.

Earlier this week it became known that this company also tipped Facebook about Iranian accounts on the social network.

Google researchers link the Iranian accounts with the state broadcaster IRI B.

The company encountered related IP addresses, domain names and account information.

According to the company, the activity on the Google platforms will, in any case, go back to January 2017.

Google has notified the authorities in the United States.

Google also removes Russian accounts
In addition to the accounts in Iran, Google also proclaimed that the company had taken 42 YouTube-linked YouTube channels offline.

There were 58 English-language political videos on the channels, which were seen 1,800 times in the United States.

Also, an account linked to Russia on Google’s blog service Blogger has been removed by the company.

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