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Hundreds Of Employees Google Demand Transparency

Hundreds of Employees Google demand Transparency about Chinese Search Engines. Hundreds of Google employees want the company to be more transparent about suspicious plans to grow into the Chinese market.


That turns out Thursday from a call that the employees jointly sent to the company top, according to reports.

The staff requires one employee to be able to supervise the initiative. “Google employees need to understand what is being built here,” according to the internal message.

In early August, rumours surfaced about a censored Google search engine in China.

By editing messages, the company would try to adhere to the strict Internet rules of the country.

Do not be evil
The tech giant’s staff worries that Google will abandon its company motto “Do not be evil”.

With censorship, the tech giant would help restrain freedom of expression in China.

The call can have an influence. The staff did something similar earlier this year.

For example, staff members spoke out against a project concerning the development of artificial intelligence for army deacons.

The search giant then determined not to renew the contract for this project.

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