Sunday, May 26

Inflation In The Eurozone Falls Towards The Level

Inflation in the Eurozone falls Towards the level Desired by the ECB. Inflation in the eurozone has declined slightly this month compared to the previous month.


In July the inflation rate was 2.1 percent on an annual basis, in August it was 2.0 percent.

It is evident from an estimate by Eurostat, the statistical agency of the eurozone.

Analysts thought that inflation would remain unchanged.

In the energy sector, the inflation rate is highest, at 9.2 percent, against 9.5 percent in July.

For food, alcohol and tobacco, annual inflation remained stable at 2.5 percent.

Core inflation, the figure without energy, alcohol, food and drink, was 1.1 percent.

That was 1.0 percent in July.

Inflation figure of importance for ECB policy
The inflation figure is fundamental to the strategy of the European Central Bank (ECB),

 has an inflation rate of below 2 percent in the medium term.

If inflation resumes developing to the satisfaction of the ECB,

 the central bank is anticipated to reduce its stimulus policy further.

The Eurostat estimate does not, or hardly, differ from the final figures.

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