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Germany Halves the Cure from Corona Period

The period that you are officially considered cured of the corona has been halved in Germany from six to three months. Nevertheless, the cured status is important to travel or gain access to, for example, the catering industry, where you must demonstrate that you have been vaccinated or recovered.


The halving, therefore, has major consequences for people who had a corona infection and did not have themselves vaccinated, German media report about the “sudden” step by the health authorities.

The change from 180 to 90 days comes as a surprise to many people, according to the newspaper Bild. However, health Minister Karl Lauterbach is said to have said so far that the status could last even longer under certain circumstances.

The responsible government agency, the Robert Koch Institute, points to the changed situation due to the more contagious omikron variant. The six months were enough when the delta variant of the coronavirus prevailed.

The 90 days count from the day you tested positive in a laboratory test (for example, PCR). The first 28 days after such a result do not count as recovered.

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