Wednesday, May 29

Facebook: we are not invited to social media top in White House

Facebook: we are not invited to social media top in the White House. The White House is organising a social media summit on Thursday, where President Donald Trump will also speak.


Remarkably, Facebook, the largest social media company in the world, has not received an invitation.

According to the reports, Facebook had asked if the company had received an invitation.

Why the company was not invited is unclear.

Another significant social media company,

 Twitter, did not want to answer the question of whether it was invited and whether it would participate in the top.

Google did not respond directly to questions.

According to the announcement, the summit is intended to “bring digital leaders together for a robust conversation,

 about the chances and challenges of today’s online environment.”

President Trump would also be present at the summit.

Reach the voter
It is unclear who all have been invited but through social media,

 several conservatives have announced that they are there,

 Among them Trump supporter Bill Mitchell, a presenter of an online opinion program.

Facebook and also Twitter are widely used to reach potential voters.

Via Facebook, false information about the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton,

 was distributed by Russian trolls in the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Important for Trump
Trump has mentioned numerous times that he would never have won without using Facebook and Twitter to reach his voters.

He has spent the most money on Facebook advertising,

 of all the candidates who want to give a presidential vote in 2020.

President Trump blames the two social media companies of being “biased” against Democratic candidates, without providing any evidence for that.

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