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Two Weeks Itinerary Thailand: The Best Island Hopping Travel Route

If you are still confused where to travel to on these vacations, there is nothing better than a two-week island-hopping tour to Thailand. Thailand is a fantastic place which has a lot in store in for you and your family. The lush green forests, crystal clear water, delicious food, friendly people, etc. provide the ideal fun and relaxing environment you are looking for.

Now with adequate planning, you can explore most of Thailand on your two-week itinerary Thailand island hopping tour. Here is a complete guide which will help you know all the essential factors considering food and resort expenses, budget, cultural considerations, etc.

Your two-week island-hopping tours in Thailand will require you to answer numerous questions so that your trip is free from obstacles. Know the locations you will likely backpack too.

Highlight other expenses so that you know how much money you need to keep with you. How are you going to travel to Thailand hopping islands? What can you possibly eat in Thailand? These are some essential areas which need your attention before you set on your two-week trip to Thailand.

Here’s what you do!

Thailand is a beautiful place which you should make the most of. Although two weeks are not enough but you can still explore most of Thailand in your island-hopping tour by visiting Bangkok and Kanchanaburi for 3 days, Ayutthaya and Khao Sok for 2 days and spend 4 days on the beaches in the South.

Bangkok should be the first place you visit in your two weeks itinerary Thailand hopping tour. The place is vibrant and chaotic. The people are amazing, and so is the food. The fast city life of Bangkok will totally help you witness the exotic culture and tradition of Thailand.

It has numerous sites for you to witness that include Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. The temples and fantastic shopping and nightlife also have no comparison all over the world.

Moreover, after visiting Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya, you will set off your journey to the beaches. The gorgeous beaches and Islands of Thailand should not be missed. There is a reason why we have prescribed four days of your 2 weeks trip to Islands. The beaches are the ideal destination for a party, diving, resorts and much more.

There are numerous islands; all have their own significance. There are islands where the music is loud, and the party is full on while if you want something quiet and peaceful, you can enjoy that too. You can head to the cost and witness the mesmerising dawn and dusk. Hop further down to Trang, which is a famous tourist Thai spot for people all over the world.

If you still have some time on hand or you want to extend your Island hopping tours Thailand, there are still fantastic locations awaiting you.

Thailand is not just famous for its beaches, islands and hills; it has a sizable community where you can enjoy fast internet with a suitable climate. The best part is that wages are not too high. You can experience the night market life of Thailand along with visiting gorgeous temples and national parks, on an economical budget.

Located on the east of Thailand, Buriram is rich in the culture of Thailand. The influence of the Khmer empire has left multiple tourist’s sites. Some temples have been preserved for a long time. If you want to learn more about the culture of Thailand, you can visit these educational sites and gain a lot of significant knowledge.

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