Wednesday, May 29

A Night at the Amsterdam Pub Crawl

The Amsterdam Pub Crawl is one of the most amazing experiences in one’s life that allows you to enjoy a night to the full. An extravagant event of drinking and dancing, the pub crawl experience is notoriously a nightlife affair that will enable you to satisfy your partying needs. We grab a look at such an event in Amsterdam!


Enjoy Free Vodka Shots
Most of the pub crawl in Amsterdam begin by warming you up for the night with an hour of unlimited drinking! You can take full advantage of this ‘happy hour’ and take as many shots as you want, and prepare for the night ahead.

You will have all the opportunities to dance and listen to the music while you enjoy the vodka!

Roam Around the Red Light District
Once you have warmed yourself with a load of free vodkas, you are all set to explore the Red Light District. Primarily a place for pleasure-seekers, the Red Light District is a place with an ancient history that still holds a few remains from the 14th century.

Here you can either enjoy adorable women or can explore the beautiful places in the area. The Red Light District has some of the most breathtaking canals that are of particular attention to tourists.

Wander into a Club
Once out of the Red Light District, you will finally end up in one of the partying clubs. Here, you have the full liberty to dance non-stop to the flattering music and enjoy precisely the way you please. Women, music and liquor are all in abundance, making your night special!

Take your T Please!
As a souvenir, your Amsterdam Pub Crawl will provide you with a free T-shirt that will remind you of the night you spent in Amsterdam. Don’t forget to take yours, and show them off to your friends once back home!


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