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European Commission Denies Asking the US for Vaccines

The European Commission denies that it has asked the United States to ship corona vaccines from Johnson & Johnson.

According to the New York Times, the commission unsuccessfully requested the US to borrow 10 million doses but says she knows nothing about it.

The American pharmaceutical giant vaccine, which the Dutch Janssen developed, will probably be approved for use in the European Union on Thursday.

It should help the EU to vaccinate 70 percent of all adults this summer, as announced. That aim is under pressure now that AstraZeneca’s deliveries, another corona vaccine on which many EU countries had invested heavily, are disappointing time and again.

But Johnson & Johnson’s high expectations, which can deploy more factories than most competitors, were hit earlier this week. The company is said to have warned the committee that it may not deliver on the promised deliveries in the next three months, Reuters news agency reported.

The committee did not want to confirm the setback and wants to say that it keeps all manufacturers to their agreements.

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